The Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Shocking Review – Must Read

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Shocking Review – Must Read

Adonis GOLDEN Ratio

Have you been working out hard, but still find the body you look at in the mirror unappealing? Maybe you have given up on fitness and are ashamed of your shapeless belly and scrawny chest. Whether you’re fit or fat, veteran or novice, building the ultimate male physique is not an impossible feat.

The Adonis Golden Ratio System

The Adonis Golden Ratio fitness and nutrition program can help you build the most proportional and attractive body genetically possible. This program is designed by fitness and performance experts and uses the proven doctrine of male-female attraction which defines the exact male body type that is the most physically attractive to women, and the most admired by other men.

Contrary, to what you may believe, women are not mostly attracted to the bulky body builder physique. In fact, the male body type both consciously and subconsciously preferred by most women, is the tapered “V” shape. Broad shoulders with a proportionally sized waist. This ideal proportion is called the Golden Ratio and is seen not only as the ideal proportion for the male body, but it has been used for centuries to create symmetrical and picturesque art and architecture.

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is unprecedented because, unlike any other, it is designed to help you reach the optimal ratio, using a customized program for each individual. No cookie cutter design, extreme diets or injurious “hardcore” exercise. Specific program design is based on your starting Adonis Index, which encourages goals that are physiologically and psychologically sound.

No extreme unsafe exercise or unhealthy comparisons to other men. Since you are working towards what is best for you, you will likely feel more empowered, and motivated. Be more adherent and consistent. Ultimately achieve your desired results. Look better and feel healthier.

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What is the Adonis Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical phenomenon that creates images that are the most visually pleasing, symmetrical and proportional. You see examples of this ratio in nature, art, science and architecture, and it has been called by names such as the Golden Mean and Divine Proportion.

The infinitesimal Golden Ratio is the number 1.618…. and is found by the equation a/b = (a+b)/a. It is seen in ancient architecture such as the Grecian Parthenon and the great Pyramids of Egypt. Also, paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and sculptures such as the Adonis display the Golden Ratio, creating the most captivating pieces of art.

New discoveries in exercise science have been made that apply the Golden Ratio theory of symmetry and perfect proportions to the male physique. Not only is it proven in nature to be the optimal proportion, but when a group of over a 100 women were surveyed on what they believed was the most attractive male physique, men with a shoulder-hip ratio nearest to the Golden Ratio were overwhelmingly deemed the most visually appealing.

Studies even prove that attraction to males with the Golden Ratio physique is even subconscious among women and they even gain more reverence, respect and dominance among other men.

Why Use This Program?

The Adonis Golden Ratio fitness and nutrition program is not just another high intensity, one-size fits all, body transformation gimmick. With this system the transformation you are aiming to achieve is based on what Adonis GOLDEN Ratiois your most genetically optimal physique. By finding your current Adonis index and setting your goals to reach as close to the Golden Ratio possible, you can tailor your approach and not work aimlessly to achieve some arbitrary impersonal ideal.

Finding your Starting Adonis Index is Key:

What is great about the Adonis Golden Ratio System is that your goals are based on an individual starting point, your Adonis Index, which is your current shoulder to waist ratio. Basing your workout and nutrition goals on your index allows you to tailor the approach you take to get to your optimal proportions.

For example:
If you’re a slim guy with a waist of 30″ and shoulder circumference of 41″ your starting ratio is 1.366….so you have some work to do.

Do you need to start eating lots of protein, and lifting heavy weights to bulk up? Not necessarily. See the program is designed for you to reach the closest you can to the ideal 1.618…with a customized fitness and nutrition plan. Giving you guidance on specific exercises to do and which ones to avoid as well as dietary needs to provide the most optimal support for your targeted exercise program.

So in the example above if the waist measurement can be adjusted to 26″ that results in an index of 1.5769 which is very close to the Golden Ratio, without drastically changing the musculature or adding lots of bulk.

This person could also have the ideal proportions by opting to add more lean muscle to the chest and shoulders, with an additional 5 inches on the chest a ratio of 1.5333 could be achieved, without drastically changing the waist circumference.

So as you can see, the Adonis Golden Index provides a system that can help any man achieve the ideal proportion no matter the body type. Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle hypertrophy or both. Every program is unique to the individual.

For centuries men have tried to master achieving the “perfect” body, from ancient Grecian Olympians to modern day body builders. The fitness and nutrition industries are notorious for dishing out methods claiming to give you the greatest results, only to be exposed as gimmicks designed to take your money.

Then you have the recent high intensity interval training and boot camp fads that are marketed to the masses but truly only appropriate and doable by those at a fairly high fitness level. The Adonis Golden Ratio System provides the perfect solution for you men out there who have tried and failed on your own. Who have used other programs but finished frustrated having achieved only mediocre results.

The Adonis Golden Ratio System provides the most effective approach to achieve the physique of ideal proportions based on your genetic makeup and body type. Not only will you be more physically attractive to women and respected by men, you will also gain more strength, endurance, and self-confidence.

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