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Is Big Better When It Comes to Building Muscle?

Is Big Better When It Comes to Building Muscle?

Many men starting a body building regimen may wonder if bigger is better when it comes to getting muscular. Male may desire to get big to appear more dominant and superior to other people. However, according to the adonis golden ratio system bigger muscles are not better when it comes to building muscle. In fact, a larger physique is no longer practical after men reach a certain threshold. Also, many women do not find a large build attractive on a man and prefer the more realistic results achieved from the system.

The ratio system uses three customized programs called Burn, Build and Burn, and Build. The Burn program emphasizes melting off excess fat, while the Build and Burn program focuses on sculpting muscles and losing the last bit of extra weight. Finally, the Build program is designed for individuals that need to gain weight and create muscle mass. Exercises and meal plans are provided for each program.


Each of the adonis golden ratio stage’s purpose is to help users expand their muscles to achieve more definition through motor white slow motor twitch failure, red slow twitch motor unit failure, and red fast twitch failure. Motor white slow motor twitch uses four to six reps and is designed to create tears in the muscle fibers. Meanwhile, red slow twitch motor unit failure uses 12 to 15 reps and creates strength. In addition, red fast twitch failure uses 20 to 25 reps in order to gain stamina.

In conclusion, bigger is not better when it comes to body building. The adonis golden ratio system is a realistic and customizable program that many men can use.

Build Muscle with adonis golden ratio

Build Muscle with adonis golden ratio

Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror? Sick of waking up to a bugling belly and love-handles? Wanting to make a change for the better? Now you can, and you will, thanks to the Adonis Golden Ratio fitness system!

Developed by fitness expert and author Kylie Leon, the Adonis Golden Ratio was developed as a way to strip away the useless lower-body fat, while helping you build lean, functional muscles in problem areas such as the shoulders and biceps. Considered the “Perfect Body Formula” by the esteemed Men’s Health Magazine, the Adonis Golden Ratio has a foolproof 3-step system that’ll help you get in the best shape humanly possible:


1) Adonis Golden Ratio Training – The first part of our program, the Training section provides you with a series of exercise routines that are simple, straightforward, and easy to do. You’ll learn what exercises to do and, more importantly, what not to do, to create the perfect muscular symmetry your body needs. And once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ve got 78 more advanced exercise sets that’ll really get the blood pumping!

2) Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition – The second part of our program, the software’s purpose is to help you create the perfect nutritional part for you! As everyone’s body is different, your nutritional and calorie needs are tailor-fitted for you, so you can maximize fat loss and muscle growth We’ll also teach you what “cheat foods” are best for you, which can further trigger your desired muscle growth!

3) Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation – The third part of the our, this is designed to explain and show you that, believe it or not, you don’t need supplements to achieve the perfect body!

What are you waiting for? Try Adonis Golden Ratio today!