How to Build Muscle Quickly and Efficiently

How to Build Muscle Quickly and Efficiently

There are many things one can do to increase the growth of muscle and thus increase strength. Proper exercise will increase blood to the muscle in order for it to grow larger. Some tips include understanding the calorie count needed to increase muscle, exercising large muscle groups, altering your exercise routine, completing partial lifting, using muscle enhancers, and obtaining the proper amount of rest which is all a part of the Adonis Golden ratio. Calorie intake is based upon your age.

By simply multiplying your age and present weight, one can decipher their daily calorie intake recommendation. Gaining one pound of muscle requires the consumption of 3,500 extra calories per week. Yet one must remember that the proper food intake is the key to adding calories. Consume calories from a source of protein such as beef, avocado, coconut milk, sweet potato and yams.


Building muscle comes with working on the large muscle groups in the legs, back, and chest. By progressively lifting weights, the muscle will not get complacent so alternate your weight lifted by ten or so pounds weekly. Use sets of eight to 12 repetitions for three to eight sets as to encourage muscle failure. A workout partner should be nearby to assist when fatigue sets in. Stay away from lifting all of the way, and instead partial lift by completing only a third of the way in the initial set, half of the way in the second set, and full lifts in the third.

Consider muscle enhancers to increase the time it takes to gain muscle using supplement and protein. The most effective supplements include protein powder and creatine. However, remember that working out your muscles frequently requires the proper amount of rest. Muscle requires a minimum of 72 hours to repair from building it up. One will know if sufficient time was allotted if all soreness has gone away prior to the next workout.

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